I'm Val
18 years old and currently live in Ontario,Canada
If you need puns I'm your girl
(• ε •)
I enjoy gay anime and cute things way too much
Also I'm pretty friendly so hit me up an ask if u need advice or want someone to talk to
"i don’t identify as bisexual
i prefer to identify as half-gay: full-gay consequences"

So The Enigma of Amigara Fault has been getting really popular recently and I’d thought I’d show where fans could read more of Junji Ito’s works

The best place to get everything you need is Junji Ito Index but here’s a few recommended links

  • Tomie (personal favorite) A girl named Tomie have boys fall in love with her. Yet eventually they become too obsessed and murder her. Countless times Tomie comes back like new. But Why?
  • Uzumaki A small town in japan notices very supernatural things occurring all relating to one symbol, the spiral. Violent and disturbing things happen to this town and two teenage inhabitants try to figure it all out
  • Short Stories: If you don’t want to read a whole series and enjoyed a one chapter story like Amigara Fault, they check out some of his short stories

I am just a fan, so if you have any questions you should ask the Junji Ito Index

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